Rethinking the Amatuer – Field Research on Amatuer in Korea (2009)


During my three months stay in Korea in 2009, I conduct a research on the empowerment of the amateur within cultural productions in Korea, with a perspective on global phenomena of amateurism in their relationship to modernity in the country. I conveyed my research through a combination of interviews and an active participation in academic platforms as well as being a part of  cultural scenes in Seoul. I conducted a research by interviewing scholars, art critics, curators, artists, and other cultural producers. I collected nearly 40 voices from these diverse fields of contemporary culture in Korea.

a part of the list of interviewees are:

Prof. Hyejung Chohan (professor, Yonsei University/ director of Haja Center), Prof. Young Jun Lee  (professor of Kaywon University/critic), AhnYee Young Rho    (cultural producer, musician)

and othres