Discover ‘The Invisible Landscapes
Workshops on mobile phone use in Malmö

“Discover ‘The Invisible Landscapes’” was a series of workshops organized by the Japanese artist Noriyuki Fujimura and by the curator Miya Yoshida. They were held in Malmö on August 23, 24 and August 30, 31, 2003. The workshops were organized in collaboration with the Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art.

Every day, we make and receive many calls on our mobile phones. How much do we really know about how mobile phones work? How is it possible that we are able to talk (almost) anytime and anywhere with wireless phones?

The workshops were the first stage of “The Invisible Landscapes” and were designed to help making participants understand how the mobile phone actually functions. Over four weekend workshops and together with the artist, participants sought the locations of mobile phone masts and antennas around different parts of the city, and physically moving from one antenna to the next, tracing the radiation routes and rates of the mobile phone that are necessary in order to make one phone call happen. The physical movement in urban space, moving not only theoretically but also actually, allowed participants to better understand the invisible operating system of the mobile phone around us.