Art & Research


Art and Measurement (2012-)

This is a research project engages the theme “Art & Measurement” and attempts to creatively link imagination, affect and on going transformation in measurement. It addresses the ambivalence of measurement and measurability in contemporary realities, and experiments with different concepts of measurement from the positions of arts. We are surrounded by practices of measurement. Every [...]

Amateurism (2008-2012)

The amateurism project started based on field research from 40 interviews that I conducted in Korea in 2009. The project aimed at examining a distinctive shift in the notion of who and what is an “amateur” in the field of modern cultural production. Since 2008, using methods of field work, artistic practices and teaching, I [...]

Sharing as Caring (2012-)

Sharing as Caring is a series of exhibitions in a small format. It was initiated at the Heidelberg Kunstverein in 2012. The series was launched as a sequence of exhibitions, with the intention to counteract media speculation surrounding the incidents in and around Fukushima, after March 11, 2011. Sharing as Caring began with the nuclear [...]

Formate des Wir: nGbK Project (2013)

FORMATE DES WIR:  Aktuelle Perspektiven auf künstlerische Formationen, kollektive Aktivitäten und Arbeitsansätze seit den 1960er Jahren in Berlin. Project Website (DE/EN): Bei den aktuellen Debatten unter Berliner Kulturproduzent_innen fällt auf, dass – vielleicht zu selten? – bereits Gemachtes, Gedachtes, Praktiziertes aufgerufen und als Wissen weitergegeben wird. Seit den 1960er Jahren geht es in der Kunst [...]

On Mobile Telephony (2002-2010)

This artistic research project is relating to phenomena and communicative structures of and around mobile telephony and new subjectivities in new mobilities and networked thinking. In this project, I saw the mobile phone as a pivotal point between questions of labour, capitalism, and politics. I attempted to unfold these issues from one of the most [...]