Sharing as Caring (2012-)


Sharing as Caring is a series of exhibitions in a small format. It was initiated at the Heidelberg Kunstverein in 2012. The series was launched as a sequence of exhibitions, with the intention to counteract media speculation surrounding the incidents in and around Fukushima, after March 11, 2011.

Sharing as Caring began with the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima; however, the exhibition project does not limit its scope to the incident of the nuclear power plant, it also encompasses all the disasters following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. From the beginning, this was important for the curatorial framework. The project recognizes the name “Fukushima” does not succeed to grasp the whole catastrophe, and also understood it as only one aspect of a more fundamental problem in the intricate structure of contemporary societies, therefore aims at rethinking relations between human, nature, and technology; it touches on postwar politics and economy as well as on systematic processes of thinking that are rooted in modernity – the logic and the directionality of thinking from intention over reasoning to result.

By relaying the detailed effects of the disaster in Fukushima, the project has explored the contemporary mode of being in the intricate relations between economies, politics, technology and emotions. Over these last five years, the project gradually developed under different exhibition subtitles: Presence for the Future, Fukushima-Heidelberg Shiori Project I, II, Giving Form to Invisible Realities, and Beyond Documentation. In 2017, the project was reinitiated as a collaboration with the visual artist Susan Turcot and the filmmaker Angelika Levi in order to explore multiple forms of investigation; e.g. workshops, making short films, collective texts, and curating.


Sharing as Caring: Workshop (2017)

Workshop with Susan Turcot and Anglika Levi Time: June 13. 2017, 10.00 – 14.00 Uhr Place: Open School East: 50 Athelstan Road, Cliftonville CT9 2BH The workshop at Open School East in Margate, UK explore contemporary mode of being that affected by economies, politics, technology and emotions, and search the way of “being-in-common” to be sensible [...]

Sharing as Caring 5: Beyond Documentation (2016)

Sharing as Caring is a series of cabinet exhibitions on the theme of the Fukushima Incident in a consecutive five-year perspective. The exhibitions began at Heidelberger Kunstverein in 2012 as an annually update spanning ten weeks. Sharing as Caring explores and reflects the reality and cultural encounters after the catastrophe. Sharing as Caring 2016 is [...]

Sharing as Caring: Resonanzräume nach Fukushima (2016)

Fünf Jahre nach dem Erdbeben, das einen Tsunami und eine Kernschmelze im Kraftwerk Fukushima nach sich zog,  sind die Spuren der Zerstörung längst nicht beseitigt. Wie viele Menschen haben eine Vorstellung davon, wie es in der Region nach fünf Jahren aussieht? Wie gehen die Menschen mit den tiefgreifenden Problemen um, die Ansprüche einer wachstumsorientierten Wertegesellschaft [...]

Sharing as Caring 4: Giving Form to Invisible Realities (2015)

The fourth year of Sharing as Caring high-lightens two art projects about the Fukushima catastrophe and the Great Estern Japan Earthquake, “Under the waves, on the ground”(2014-) and Onagawa Dialogue Project (2011-). These projects aims at giving universal form to the invisible and the unheard realities as well as to the fading memories, with a [...]

Sharing as Caring 3: Heidelberg- Fukushima Shiori Project -part 2- (2014)

In its third year of Sharing as Caring, the exhibition update, explore and reflect the reality and cultural encounters connected to the situation after the Fukushima Incident by presenting three projects: the Heidelberg-Fukushima SHIORI PROJECT -part 2-  (2013-14), The Fukuichi Kanko Project (2012-) and the Onagawa Community Project (2012-).   SHIORI PROJECT, part 2, Fukushima/ Heidelberg [...]

Sharing as Caring 2: Heidelberg- Fukushima Shiori Project -part 1- (2013)

60Cabinet Exhibition at Heidelberg Kunstverein Sharing as Caring 2: Presence for the Future (2/5) Feburary 8 to April 12, 2012. Opening on Feburary 8  from 7pm. One Day Memorial Event on March 10 from noon to 9pm.           Photo by Chihiro Minato © 2012 1: SHIORI PROJECT Heidelberg, 2013 The second year [...]

Sharing as Caring 1: Presence for the Future (2012)

Cabinet Exhibition at Heidelberg Kunstverein Sharing as Caring: Presence for the Future March 10 to May 20, 2012. Opening on March 9 from 7pm. A series of cabinet shows will be held in the foyer of Heidelberg Kunstverein from March 9 for a period of ten weeks. The mini show is dedicated to the 3.11 [...]