Sharing as Caring: Workshop (2017)

Workshop with Susan Turcot and Anglika Levi

Time: June 13. 2017, 10.00 – 14.00 Uhr
Place: Open School East: 50 Athelstan Road, Cliftonville CT9 2BH

The workshop at Open School East in Margate, UK explore contemporary mode of being that affected by economies, politics, technology and emotions, and search the way of “being-in-common” to be sensible for each other. The workshop started at the seashore near Open School East, paying attentions to the sound from 9000km away, using the kit of making a small fire from Taiwa Kobo and introducing a letter from Toshie Kusamoto, a member of the Taiwa Kobo to the OSE workshop participants. Surrounding a small fire symbolises the fundamental attitude of the Taiwa Kobo and is used as a tool to share the experience. It helps all to engage in a dynamic scale of time-space to explore our imagination. After the meditative session, the participants of the workshop made sand drawings and explored their imaginations and ideas about “being-in- common”. In such a condition, sand could become a metaphor of the invisible particle of radiation, waves could connect here and the other side of the ocean, and the sound of air brings their imagination to travel further away.

(Flyer of the workshop)