Moriz Fehr

Vehicle, Tokyo

„Vehicle, Tokyo” is made out of 25 photographs of the vehicles and posessions of the homeless taken in different parts of Tokyo, including Sumidagawa, Shinjuku Chuo Park, Ueno Park and Shibuya, which are part of the normal cityscape. The photographs show how in this city, where space is the most valuable asset, the homeless master a life with very limited means.

Everyone in Tokyo knows about their housing in Ueno Park, but if the Emperor makes and official visit to one of the nearby museums, the housing must be temporarily dismantled and turned into vehicles. This transformation involves materials, such as cardboard and plastic sheeting, which are necessary for survival in the urban environment, being packed together as economically as possible. These vehicles, laden with personal belongings, are then parked under a bridge or on a street corner – a witness to system outside the world of work and consumer culture.