Text message poetry – Roman Israel, Moritz 7, Stefan Seyfarth

“SMS LYRICS“, 2006

To be satisfied with little space can be more difficult that filling up whole volumes. Nevertheless the simplicity of fewer words can transform a banal ma- chine into a transmitter and, surprisingly, strike a chord with the recipients of such messages. The impression of a fleeting but direct connection between writer and reader is the strength of this format which was originally developed for short, pragmatic messages. Poems were written for the The World in Your Hand project by three young authors from Dresden: Roman Israel, a Sax Royal Lesebühne author and originator of numerous multimedia literature pro- jects; Moritz 7, poet, lyric writer, and member of the Lesebühne Lettermen, and Stefan Seyfarth, also a member of the Sax Royal Lesebühne and author of the collection of poems dresden dilemma.