Open Letter Project (2017– )

Open Letters To Those Who Will Live In 117 n-1 Years (2020 – )

Facing the reality that constantly shifts by political and economic interventions and turns, the project has decided to emphasises more on the life span of human beings rather than a bureaucratic unit of time and is renamed in 2020 to Open Letters to Those Who Will Live in 117n-1 Years. Why 117 years …? 117 years was the duration of the oldest person alive in the world at the time of 2020. (Kane Tanaka, Japan, born on 2. January 1903)

Open Letter Workshop (2019)

The open letter project devises a form of “personal letter” to help us deeply reflect own responsibility and to be aware of being a protagonist to change now and the future. Open Letter Workshop was conducted at Gutskul, Jakarta in April 2019.